Work process


I know.  It’s cliche.  Working from home, a shot at the beach, with “My Office”, or “Working hard” as the caption.  Really though, for me it’s where I find my sea glass.  I could spend hours doing it too except for kids.

Want to know a secret?  I used to spend my entire recess hour in elementary school looking for 4 leaf clovers.  Probably not the most normal way to go about things but I was embarrassingly bad at kickball ok?  The training set me up for this though…





Beautiful right?  I really get excited over the yellow too. Then to justify my collecting habit, I make these:





It”s a win-win.  Making and selling jewelry brings me joy, especially in this season of life where my days revolve around the namesakes nap time hahaha!  It’s what you make of it, and choosing joy goes a long way.  Not saying it’s easy, because believe me I totally get that some days it’s easier said than done.  Especially when you are halfway around the world from your family and friends.  You make new connections, build new friendships, and melt into a new tribe of family.  It’s challenging.  Worth it.  This next picture is where I usually go to search both literally and figuratively.


This was low tide.  I don’t usually catch it like this.


So here is part of my process, not a bad one I’d say.

‘Till next time and hopefully more as I get more comfortable writing,


Tori and Liz






About Me.

Hi, I’m Jess, the owner and creator of Tori and Liz.  I make aromatherapy jewelry, and my slogan is “Your Oils, Your Style.”  I believe we have different styles for different days, well at I know I do!  Some days I feel like dressing in a bohemian style, some days I feel preppy, and other days it’s about throwing on some Adidas track leggings and calling it a day.

I have been making Jewelry for 10 years, which started when I was a brand new mom fresh out of my service as a United States Marine.  It started with nursing reminder bracelets, because I could never remember which side I left off on those first few weeks.

I have had ebbs and flows in my business, usually due to life changes.  I now have four beautiful children!  We are also currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan, and my husband is an active duty United States Marine.


*Okinawa prefecture Peace Memorial



*exploring Kokosai Street

I began using essential oils 2 years ago.  Me and Lavender are best buddies.  Cliche?  Maybe but it is what it is.  Besides it’s the Swiss Army knife of essential oils.  I am also an aromatherapy student, studying at the  School for Aromatic Studies.  I get asked a lot of questions about essential oils, and I think it is important to give safe and reliable information.

So this is where Tori and Liz gets a fresh start.  I love making jewelry, I love essential oils.  Bam.  Badabing badaboom.  I wish I had a really deep moving story about the shop, but that’s pretty much it.  But don’t mistake my simplicity for a lack of intention or big dreams.  We just haven’t gotten there yet.

I know, this is a fairly short intro.  I hope that you will be able to see more of who I am as I get more comfortable writing and sharing my experiences.  I’m pretty out of my comfort zone here, but here’s to a start!