About Me.

Hi, I’m Jess, the owner and creator of Tori and Liz.  I make aromatherapy jewelry, and my slogan is “Your Oils, Your Style.”  I believe we have different styles for different days, well at I know I do!  Some days I feel like dressing in a bohemian style, some days I feel preppy, and other days it’s about throwing on some Adidas track leggings and calling it a day.

I have been making Jewelry for 10 years, which started when I was a brand new mom fresh out of my service as a United States Marine.  It started with nursing reminder bracelets, because I could never remember which side I left off on those first few weeks.

I have had ebbs and flows in my business, usually due to life changes.  I now have four beautiful children!  We are also currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan, and my husband is an active duty United States Marine.


*Okinawa prefecture Peace Memorial



*exploring Kokosai Street

I began using essential oils 2 years ago.  Me and Lavender are best buddies.  Cliche?  Maybe but it is what it is.  Besides it’s the Swiss Army knife of essential oils.  I am also an aromatherapy student, studying at the  School for Aromatic Studies.  I get asked a lot of questions about essential oils, and I think it is important to give safe and reliable information.

So this is where Tori and Liz gets a fresh start.  I love making jewelry, I love essential oils.  Bam.  Badabing badaboom.  I wish I had a really deep moving story about the shop, but that’s pretty much it.  But don’t mistake my simplicity for a lack of intention or big dreams.  We just haven’t gotten there yet.

I know, this is a fairly short intro.  I hope that you will be able to see more of who I am as I get more comfortable writing and sharing my experiences.  I’m pretty out of my comfort zone here, but here’s to a start!






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