Work process


I know.  It’s cliche.  Working from home, a shot at the beach, with “My Office”, or “Working hard” as the caption.  Really though, for me it’s where I find my sea glass.  I could spend hours doing it too except for kids.

Want to know a secret?  I used to spend my entire recess hour in elementary school looking for 4 leaf clovers.  Probably not the most normal way to go about things but I was embarrassingly bad at kickball ok?  The training set me up for this though…





Beautiful right?  I really get excited over the yellow too. Then to justify my collecting habit, I make these:





It”s a win-win.  Making and selling jewelry brings me joy, especially in this season of life where my days revolve around the namesakes nap time hahaha!  It’s what you make of it, and choosing joy goes a long way.  Not saying it’s easy, because believe me I totally get that some days it’s easier said than done.  Especially when you are halfway around the world from your family and friends.  You make new connections, build new friendships, and melt into a new tribe of family.  It’s challenging.  Worth it.  This next picture is where I usually go to search both literally and figuratively.


This was low tide.  I don’t usually catch it like this.


So here is part of my process, not a bad one I’d say.

‘Till next time and hopefully more as I get more comfortable writing,


Tori and Liz